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Architectural Inspiration | Latest Trends we are spotting!

At ICI Architecture Studio we are constantly following the latest trends to ensure we are consistently inline with our values. To Inspire, To Create, To Innovate.

Since launch, we carefully analyse the latest trends and identify some of the common projects our clients approach us for our expertise and guidance.

For some of our clients, they know exactly what they are after, and for others, they are not sure where to begin!

We also have lots of clients looking to maximise their return on their investment or to redevelop their homes to sell at a later date.

The secrets out!

So what are the latest projects and trends?

Kitchen / Dining Room Renovations.

One of the biggest trends we have seen by far is clients looking to create open plan Kitchen & Dining Room spaces.

Clients regularly opting for creating more of an informal dining setting as opposed to a separate dining room. This multiple-purpose space allows our clients to entertain, relax and allows them to really get the most use out of their space.

These can be achieved through the careful reconfiguration of a ground floor layout or by a simple extension.

At ICI Architecture Studio we explore an avenue to ensure we offer the best recommendations for our clients - such as converting an underused garage, minor alterations to the ground floor layout, or looking at planning or permitted development applications.

Our interest and priority are gaining the perfect solution whilst ensuring you achieve optimum value for money so you know it's always money well spent.

Gallery Staircases and Entrance halls that wow visitors & homeowners!

Our clients are looking to create a grand entrance and a sense of arrival!

Clients love light and airy entrance halls with gallery staircases to create the perfect entrance!

This space not only creates a WOW factor but also helps to make the most effective and efficient use of the space!

We can help create the impressive entrance your house deserves!

Loft Conversions

At ICI Architecture Studio we have seen rapid increases in clients looking to create loft conversions to create that extra bedroom, office, or even dressing room!

We have created a separate article on our Knowledge Hub which gives you FREE tips and tricks and items to consider when starting a loft conversion project!

Convert to another room or am I best keeping it as practical storage?

Now that's a tough decision we will cover this in a separate blog!

Garage Conversions.

Lots of our clients have underused garages. Gone are the days where they would park the car in it or simply just using it as a space to dump boxes in!

With this huge empty (or full! - We've all been there - including us!) our clients often are on the lookout to get the most use out of this space!

Common projects now include converting the garages into new cinema rooms, Kitchen Dining Room configurations, Home Gyms, and much more!

Want to unlock the most value out of your home?

Got a project in mind or not sure where to begin?

Book a FREE initial consultation with us today with no obligation at all to use any of our services! Just free impartial advice! (Ah Bliss!)

Please call 01260 602 005 for further details!

Next Post! - Future Articles to look forward to!

Bonus - Should I extend my house to the maximum?

Maximising every square inch of a property - Is this the right thing to do?


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