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Important changes to Planning Timescales for Cheshire East Residents & Businesses

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Looking to submit a planning application under Cheshire East Council?

Here is some important information you need to know.

The Current lead times for processing planning applications under Cheshire East Council are now an estimated minimum of 4-6 months delays across their entire network.

What is causing these delays?

Delays are currently caused due to the high levels of demand for planning services and the volume of applications being submitted to the local authority for processing.

Does this affect existing and new planning applications?

Yes, these changes affect both existing and new applicants.

What are our options?

Subject to individual circumstances there is a couple of options available including appealing through the planning inspectorate for non-determination once the standard processing times have expired.

Alternatively Cheshire East have advised that they will allocate a case officer within the 4-6month period and then agree on an extension of time within the 2 weeks of the application being assigned.

Want to find out more and what alternative options are available?

We, like you, hate it when the best plans don't quite go to plan!

Rest assured we are always on the case to try and get applications processed as quickly and efficiently as we can even during challenging circumstances.

To find out more on alternative options available to you please visit our page.

This is where you will find a selection of key options for you to consider.

Looking to obtain planning consent before the end of the year?

Whether you are looking at extending your home, gaining planning consent to then sell your property or land or looking to grow your business before the end of the year.* Now is the most important time to consider your options.

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*Time periods for determination may be extended beyond this period.

For information on how we may use your data and process your application please visit


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