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The Benefits of working with Planning Consultants

During this weeks blog we will discuss the benefits of working with planning consultants and how they can support you with the planning process.

What is a planning consultant? At ICI Architecture Studio our specialist partners are former planning officers and enforcement officers who all have a significant wealth of experience to help clients with complex sites or sites with significant restrictions.

A planning consultant looks at the legislation and planning policy to help identify routes to achieve the desired outcome.

They will then work with our Architectural teams to ensure everything closely matches planning policy, local design guidance and development frameworks.

Although planning approvals are never guaranteed engaging with a planning consultant at the earliest stages will significantly increase your chances of success.

When should you appoint a planning consultant?

Planning consultants should be appointed at the earliest stages of the design process in particular for projects located in areas with restrictive covenants or with complex previous planning history.

Planning consultants can support both residential and commercial clients as well as developers looking to assess the feasibility of a site.

What can planning consultants assist with?

Planning consultants can help with a broad range of services including:

- Planning Applications

- Appeals

- Impact Studies & Feasibility Studies

- Research

- Urban & Rural Design

The Top Benefits of using a Planning Consultant:

-They can assess your project in the eyes of a ’planner’ before it reaches the local authorities saving you both time and money in the long run!

- Planning consultants can assist you with complex sites and assessing feasibility’s from a legal and legislative perspective.

- They can carefully map a route to help you to achieve the desired outcome.

How can we help?

ICI Architecture Studio works with a range of expert planning consultants with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in excess of 50 years!

In fact they are yet to come across a scenario that they have never came across before!

For a free initial consultation with no obligation call 01260 602 005 or email

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