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To extend or make internal alterations?

At ICI Architecture Studio we have lots of clients who often wonder if they are best extending or making internal alterations to there home.

There are lots of different factors that come into the decision making process such as if you live in a listed property or in a conservation area there is limitations as to what you can do.

Other factors to take into consideration is if you are planning on living in the property for the foreseeable future or looking to move on in a couple of years!

There's also the balance on how much you wish to invest in the property and what you would be looking at as a return on your investment as every property has a ceiling price!

But there is more than one way to get great results without spending a fortune!

This all comes down to how you use your space and at ICI Architecture Studio we can help you make the best use out of that awkward or tricky space so you always get the most effective use out of your floor area and guide you through the process!

We have lots of clients who decide to make internal alterations to their garages for example as less people are storing their cars in the garage it now becomes a new storage room! We transform this into useable space such as new kitchens, granny annexes and even cinema rooms!

At ICI Architecture Studio we are here to help you every strep of the way so if you have any questions about your project and would like to find out more information on how we can assist you please get in touch!

Call 01260 602 005 or visit our website at where we offer a FREE initial consultation with no obligation to use any of our services.

We are more than happy to visit the site or via Zoom call as well!

For our latest news and updates please visit our blog 'The Knowledge Hub' where we share more practical industry knowledge and guides free of charge!


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Book a FREE Initial Consultation with no obligation to use any of our services. 

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