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The Great-inflation- is it set to last?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

With planning applications soring at record levels with a 56% increase from previous years it is no wonder that the construction sector is going through a boom period.

The global pandemic had effectively re written the rule book and has caused some markets to go through a period of refresh and adaptability. With householders spending more time than ever at home - we have seen surges in homeowners wanting to transform their homes.

So what impact is the sector experiencing?

With unprecedented levels of planning applications being processed it is understandably putting stresses and strains on the planning system causing delays for applicants. The length of the delays vary from area to area with some local authorities experiencing delays of up to 16 weeks to register applications alone.

'The Balance of Supply & Demand.'

With this significant growth in demand for construction services we are seeing increased pressures on the supply chains for sourcing materials. In particular increases in costs for glass, steelwork and plaster.

With prices fluctuating on a daily basis across the UK. This in turn is having a huge impact on costs making it challenging for contractors to secure accurate pricing and for consumers to ensure they are achieving great value for money.

What our research has revealed...

As an Architectural provider that delivers projects across the UK we have undertaken research to see if their is any variation across the UK.

All will be revealed..

On average construction prices have risen by 25-30% across major cities including London and Manchester.

Whilst Edinburgh and Yorkshire have revealed smaller increases of 10-15%.

A Material world…

Materials including Timber, Glass, Plaster and Insulation have seen the biggest increases in costs with the Southern end of the country experiencing the highest price rises ranging from 50% to a staggering 200% increase!

How much extra should I budget for?

Our research has revealed that clients should allow for a 20% contingency budget to allow for fluctuations in material prices.

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