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Window Tax | Daylight robbery?

This week we look back at how times have changed!

Did you know in 1696 England and Wales introduced a window tax meaning any property that had over 10 windows was subject to additional tax.

This number was then reduced further to 7 windows!

The tax was implemented on the basis that wealthy home owners would pay more tax and the least wealthy in theory would be living in smaller properties.

In central London poorer people tended to live in shared larger buildings that were split up into smaller units. However the tax would be applied to the whole building and not the individual smaller units.

This resulted in landlords charging premiums and higher rates for rooms with windows or trying to cut costs by covering the windows.

The lack of light and ventilation is thought to have had a direct impact on the wellbeing of those that lived in those environments and contributed to the risk of epidemics spreading.

The tax was later overthrown 1851 by doctors and campaigners on the basis of improving public health.


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