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Welcome to Alderley Park

How to find us |
Everything you need to know

Our New Home 2024

From the 1st March 2024 our offices on London Road will be relocated to our brand new home on Alderley Park. 

We don't just listen to client feedback we act on it -

from parking to accessibility we've been taking notes .


Our new world class facilities will exceed expectations. Guaranteed. 

Welcome to Alderley Park - All designed with you in mind.

Our New Facilities

We believe our new facilities will enhance our offerings for our clients, colleagues and suppliers. 

Our new world class facilities and enhanced services are all designed with you in mind. 


Our New Home

Finding our Offices?

Mereside Campus

Alderley Park
Congleton Road
Nether Alderley

SK10 4TG

Need help to find our entrance?

What 3 words ///reinvest.daytime.spare

Sending us items in the post?

For all letters, parcels.


Please use the address below as all of our post is processed by our independent logistics team.


We are unable to receive items via any alternative method.

21 Logistics, 

ICI Architecture Studio 

Alderley Park, 



SK10 4TG

Easy, Peasy, 

From your Car door to ours...

With over 4'000 spaces on site finding a space is a breeze and no more driving around the bend. 

Our closest carparks are Mereside Multistory. 

All of the car parks are barrier controlled with 24/7 CCTV and lighting throughout and regularly patrolled by the security teams. 


01 Finding a space..

Our main entrance is located at point (1)


Finding our carparks:​

  • (2) Our closest carpark is Mereside A Multistory: (3mins walk)

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  • (3) Mereside B Multistory: (5mins walk)  

What 3 words: ///revamped.bubble,ambient

  • (4) Outdoor carpark - Radnor (8 mins walk)

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Please note vehicles are parked at the owner's risk and neither ICI Architecture Studio nor its affiliates are responsible for any damage to vehicles using the carpark.


Alderley Park Map 02.JPG
Parked Cars

02 Free parking for 2hrs

  • No need to download an app. 

  • Free Guest Parking for up 2hrs. 

  • £1 per hour after capped at £5 per 24hrs. 

  • Over 2hrs? Pay on departure

03 Door to Door..
Finding our entrance.

  • Our main entrance is via the main glazed entrance only. 

  • Ramped access is to the left hand side of the main entrance plaza. 

  • Stepped access located in the Centre of the plaza. 

Our welcome hosts will be on hand to greet you, check in and print passes for the e-gates to let you into the complex.

Need help to find our entrance?

What 3 words ///reinvest.daytime.spare

Young Businesswomen

Your Questions Answered.

You can find answers to our most common questions on our website. 

  • Which areas do you cover?
    ICI Architecture Studio delivers architectural services across the UK and international. We have projects as far as Mustique Island as well as the Middle East!
  • How many design changes are included?
    Our freedom to be flexible approach allows you to make any changes and explore multiple options! Once you are completely happy we will prepare and submit your planning application on your behalf! You can accesss the virtual reality of your proposals 24 hrs a day and no software required!
  • I have an idea but not sure how or where to get started?
    Dont worry you are not alone! Lots of our clients approach us with either an idea or a list of things they dont like about their current house or space! During our free initial consultation we discuss your ideas, share ideas and start to develop a brief to solve your problems!
  • Do we charge extra for Virtual Reality?
    No! At ICI Architecture Studio we are deliberately different in everyway! All of our proposals are designed in 3D using VR to ensure that we bring your vision to life! We like to call it see it, experience it before you get started! Need to make a slight adjustment? no problem our freedom to be flexible approach allows you to make any adjustments required!
  • Do we need to pay for any specialist software?
    Absoluteley No! ICI Development Group will priovide you with access to all the tools you need at no extra cost! You can view our 3D models in the office or the comfort of your own home without having to pay the expensive software fees!
  • Do you charge for initial consultations?
    All of our initial consultations are FREE of charge with no obligation to use our services. Our intitial consultations are designed to be a fact finding session. We will discuss and formalise a project brief and advise on the appropriate route for your project. We will identify any particular styles or requirements that you are looking for. We will answer any questions you may have!
  • What other professionals may I need?
    Every project is completelty different but during our initial consultation we will advise you further. Typical additional professionals include Structural Engineers etc.
  • Is ICI Architecture Studio regulated?
    ICI Architecture Studio is regulated by our awarding body CIAT (Chartered Institute Architectural Technologists) as well as the Good Business Charter, demonstrating our commitment to providing exceptional service for all of our clients.
  • What happens during the initial consultation?
    Our initial consultations are completely free of charge and is an opportunity to discuss your ideas and how we can help turn your vision into reality. Our sessions are impartial and we will always provide you with factual advice and what our recommendations would be to allow you to make your own informed decisions. We would ask you to provide copies of any title deeds connected with the property or land for us to review.
  • How do we calculate our fees?
    At ICI Architecture Studio our fees are very competitively priced and provide exceptional value for money. We offer our best rate guarantee - meaning that you will always get our fees at the best possible rates in comparison to our comparison sites. We understand fees are important for our clients and pride ourselves on being open and transparent with us all of our fees are fixed meaning the price that you are quoted is the price you will pay no extra fees or hidden costs!
  • What is my role in the design process?
    At ICI Architecture Studio we work closely with you to ensure that your vision is turned into reality. Our clients have complete flexibility as to how much involvement they would like to be with the process - some have mood boards already prepared others simply need a helping hand on how to address their issues. We have a range of different methods such as Pinterest boards to share your ideas!
  • We are looking to purchase a listed building can we help?
    The short answer -Yes! We also have a number of articles that explains the process with listed buildings and conservation areas!
  • How to find our new offices?
    From the 1st March 2024 our new offices are located at Alderley Park. To find out more select New Office on the top of our web page. Still need assistance? Please call 01260 602 005.
  • How do I check the progress of a planning application?
    To check the progress of a planning application please visit the local authorities website and select planning. Please enter the reference number on your confirmation letter from us. The status of your planning application will then be displayed. Any questions or querys please email
  • What is the current timescales for a planning application to be processed?
    Local Authorities across the UK are experiencing siginifcant delays with processing planning applications with some local authorities reporting delays of over 12 weeks minimum for a decision to be made. At ICI Architecture Studio we deliver projects across the UK and internationally as well. Rest assured each day we are in contact with local authorities requesting for planning updates for our clients so you don't have to chase. We will provide you with updates as soon as we recieve updates from a local authority.
  • What happens if my planning application is refused?
    Every effort is made to try and secure a positive outcome however this can never be guaranteed! Unfortunately no Architectural provider can guarantee planning consent! If the worst is to happen we do have a couple of options: 1) Withdraw an application and resubmit - Free of charge. 2) Appeal a planning application through the planning inspectorates
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept BAC's transfer, all major credit and debit cards including Amex.
  • Why do we carry out credit checks?
    ICI Architecture Studio trading name of ICI Development Group undertakes credit checks to verify clients details to ensure that the information that we are provided with is accurate and correct. We may use this information to prevent fraud, money laundering, managing credit and credit related accounts and facilities and recovering debt. We will check your details with fraud detection agencies and if false or inaccurate information is provded and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies.
  • What is your payment terms?
    All invoices are to be settled within 14 days of issue not reciept. Please note we are unable to process any planning applications, building regulations applications until outstanding accounts are paid in full. A full copy of our terms of service and payments & collection policy is displayed on our 'legal stuff' section at the bottom of the page.
  • What happens if our accounts are overdue?
    ICI Development Group will provide a reminder before the due date of any invoices and in the rare event that an account is overdue. Please note in accordance with our terms of service we will charge interest and late payment surcharges on any overdue accounts. Interest is charged on a daily rate until the full balance has been paid in full. Accounts that are overdue by 30 days will be automatically passed to debt collection services for processing and any additional surcharges will be applied by the collections provider.
  • Can you share our data with Collection Agencies?
    In accordance with our Terms of Service, any invoices that are overdue are automatically forwarded to our collection partners for recovery. Our partners work in line with industry guidance protocols and will work with you to agree on a solution. It is important that you engage with them regularly as this can impact on your credit score which stays on your file for 6 years. This may affect your availability for financial products and services including Mortgages, loans and credit applications. In extreme circumstances, our partners can process CCJ applications to recover outstanding debt. All of our costs for debt recovery processes and procedures are added to any outstanding debt regardless of the balance that is due.
  • Why do we charge a 1.5% Credit & Debit Card processing Fee?
    We introduced the 1.5% processing fee in April 2023 due to regular increases in processing fees charged by the card providers. Increases in payment Options: We continue to offer a wide range of payment methods including accepting all major credit and debit cards including premium cards such Amex, Reward Credit Cards including Sainsburys, John Lewis and Waitrose. Free of Surcharges Option - We accept both BACS and international payments and transfers.
  • What are the associated fees we charge for late payments?
    For invoices that are processed with our collection partners from SAS Daniels or Darcey & Quigley further associated fees will be incurred. Please note ICI Development Group charges interest and late payment surcharges on any overdue accounts. 'Should it become necessary for us to appoint Solicitors and/or debt recovery agents to recover any unpaid invoices, you will be liable to pay all costs, fees, disbursements and any other charges including legal fees and costs reasonably incurred by us during the recovery process for any unpaid invoices, regardless of the amount of our claim.' We will charge up to £300.00 for the initial notice served by our solicitors which will be credited to your account. Where outstanding invoices are forwarded to County Courts or for Statutory Demand Applications our fees range from £140.00 - £555.00. For invoices in excess of £10,000 we will charge 5% of the value of the claim. Interest: We charge a statutory rate in line with UK regulations at 8% plus the Bank of England Base Rate.

Delivering to our door?

Sending us a letter, samples or parcels? 


All the IMPORTANT things you need to know so we can receive your items safe and sound.

(Please note our postage address is different to our office address)

Image by Diana Light
Image by Joshua Lawrence

Sending us mail? 

Due to the size of the complex all of our mail is processed by our independent logistics team located in a different area of the site. 

To ensure we receive your mail please ensure you follow the format below otherwise we will not receive your parcel or letter.

21 Logistics, 

ICI Architecture Studio 

Alderley Park, 



SK10 4TG

Want to check we have received something?

Email or click on the live chat.

By sending us letters & parcels you understand and agree that ICI Architecture Studio accepts no liability for loss of items regardless of the value


No compensation will be provided in the event of mail being lost or misplaced.  You are advised to insure items of significant value and use tracking services where appropriate.


Get in touch..
Easy as 1.2.3

Need assistance? Stuck in traffic on route or plans have changed? 

Tel: 01260 602 005 or email

or select the live chat at the bottom of this page. 

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