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Happy 1st Birthday & Industry Insights | Hotel & Hospitality Focus

'Happy Birthday to us!'

Celebrating our 1st successful year in business and “wow” what a journey, and what a year it has been!

Before we kick off our 2nd year in business, we would like to start by thanking our Clients, our Partners and our Suppliers who have been an integral part of what we can only describe as “around the world with 80 amazing projects” and more.

The icing on the cake is not only winning the Sentinel New Start-Up Awards 2021. It's also the diverse range of projects our clients have invited ICI Architecture to get involved in from Theme Parks to Nightclubs, Exotic Locations, to Cafe's and Entertainment complexes, Luxury Housing all the way through to Care Homes, Sports Complexes and Listed Buildings.

To celebrate our Birthday we are offering a 10% discount on our services until the 31st December 2021!*
Use Promocode 'ICI Birthday Surprise 2021' to take advantage of this offer.

Terms and conditions apply. New clients only. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Offer cannot be redeemed against Designology Group Services.

'Industry Insights | UK Design & Build, Hotels and Hospitality.

In recent weeks we’ve welcomed the opportunity to attend all the UK Design, Build, Construction and Hospitality Exhibitions across the UK which haven’t seen the light of day for the past two years.

Meeting Exhibitors, Business Colleagues and New Contacts has been a breath of fresh air. It’s great to see so many businesses thriving despite the economic turbulence of the last 18 months.

The importance of keeping everyone’s safety very much in mind each exhibition venue really is providing those all-important facilities for a clean and spacious environment for all to stroll around in comfort.

The main topics for discussion that came out of the exhibitions we’ve attended is sustainability, professional and personal health and well-being which are all equally high on everyone’s agenda!

At the forefront of design is health and well-being more than ever before and there is a huge shift, and emphasis on Natural Light, Lighting, Colour, Texture, Sound, Smell and Taste in our workplace and space, in our homes, leisure pursuits, and hospitality experience.

Having gone through the pains of the last 18 months customers now expect an experience to remember in all areas of their family time, leisure time and professional careers.

Hospitality has perhaps gone through one of the biggest challenges and really had to focus on creative ways of diversifying their business to survive.

The Boutique Hotel experience have concentrated on giving their guests a relaxing, luxurious, and memorable stay. These establishments have kept their focus on interior design and exterior layout, textures, light and well-being through spas and getting back to the great outdoors.

The larger hotel chains are having to catch up and shift their focus in the same direction to keep attracting what was once a guaranteed footfall. Going through a full programme of works or scheduled refurbishment needs the support and planning of a trusted team starting with choosing the right architectural services provider.

Top Transformation Tips..

Here’s just some of the essential ingredients needed to rejuvenate tired and drab establishments to attract those all-important business clients and hospitality guests back through the doors: -

Tip 01 - 'Sustainability - Renewable Energy | Careful selection of suppliers | Reduce- Reuse.'

Hoteliers can not only reduce their operational costs in the long term with solar panels, rain water harvesting systems and things but also through carefully analyzing their existing supply chains to ensure sustainability practices are throughout the entire chain and not just where it meets the guests. Guests expectations are continuously rising as they are looking for venues that are unique but are also environmentally conscious.

Some simple steps (Cost effective) include swapping daily disposables for luxury hand washes and shower gels that can simply be topped up. Reducing the amount of packaging on welcome 'Treats' and swap to 'Artisan' or home made products with less packaging.

Tip 02 - 'Let there be light.'

As we know natural light is important for our wellbeing especially as we transition through to the winter period. Lighting is a crucial element to hotel and hospitality design as it can make it or break it.

When arriving at a hotel in the evening after a busy day the lighting needs to be soft, warm and inviting and helping to prepare guests for a natural peaceful night sleep!

In contrast guests in the morning may expect bright and vibrant lighting to help get them energized, ready and refreshed for the day ahead!

Tip 03- Bringing the Great Outdoors IN! | Living Walls and Biophillia Design:

Typically when asked of your happy place - people usually think back to being surrounded by the great outdoors connected with nature and completely switched off from the world (No outlook emails or zoom calls- Ah Bliss! )

Hoteliers and restaurants can start to introduce Biophilic design into venues through careful selection of indoor planting, the use of natural materials and lights.

Research has shown the tree-mendous benefits of Biophillia design including creating calmer more relaxed and engaging spaces for everyone as well increased employee engagement and reduced staff absenteeism!

Our sister company Designology Group is focused on becoming a net carbon operator and supporting clients on creating the ultimate sustainable spaces that last a lifetime!

Tip 04 'We are all about the space'...

Layout and the way rooms connect and flow Colour and texture making our surrounding textural and attractive feeling of tranquillity and calm.

Tip 05 'The sound of music!'

Research has shown different types of background music can influence guest behavior and purchasing decisions. For example classical music together with soft lighting encourages guests to naturally spend more money for example on wine and higher priced items.

Whereas upbeat music on Friday and Saturday Nights (dependent on the venue) can enable guests to switch off and celebrate as its the weekend! Which can increase sales of spirits and shots etc.

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