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Top Tips | Designing family friendly kitchens

As we know over the years Kitchens have adapted from back of house tiny spaces into becoming a key part of family life!

Kitchens can become one of 2 scenarios these can either be a space of great joy and bringing everyone together or become a space with stress and mess.

At ICI Architecture Studio we continue to keep up with the latest trends and styles and one of the main key focuses we have seen to stay is the open plan kitchen and dining room arrangement. Lots of our clients in particular families are moving away from the under used separate dining room that would be typically used once a year! In favor of more of a more interactive and functional space that can be used everyday of the year!

So what is our top tips for designing the ultimate family friendly kitchen!

Tip 01 - List it!

With so much choice available its easy to get carried away and all the added extras can soon add up!

Before you commit to a style we recommend developing a list of how your family uses your home, think of a list of all the activities you do on a daily basis or ones you would like to enjoy more of and use that as a foundation to your decisions.

We recommend drawing up a list split into 3 categories:

  • Pain Points - What don't you like about your current kitchen?

  • Essentials - What must your new space achieve, do you enjoy hosting parties or entertaining, or prefer speedy cooking for food on the move? What sort of appliances would you like to use (e.g Eye level oven or range oven)

  • Nice to have - These are items that you would love to incorporate such as a Large Kitchen Island, Integrated extractor fans

  • Added extras - These could be integrated coffee machines, smart home lighting and sound systems.

Tip 02 - Multi purpose space..

Lots of our clients like to use the kitchen spaces for more than just cooking! This can be from hosting parties and family get togethers, to creating an informal living space where they spend the majority of their time.

As for the dining space this can be repurposed to allow both a more formal set up but can also be used as a space to work or carry out arts and crafts!

Kitchen Islands can be used to for additional storage, a pop up party bar, a space to allow all members of the family to cook together! As well as a quick and flexible dining solution that's great for those busy mornings or the rush to work!

Tip 03 - Crystal clean in a flash..

Kitchens are busy places and can get messy - unfortunately there is no way of avoiding it! (even with the best intentions!) but not to worry here is some of our practical tips to consider!

'Location, Location, location of your BIN!?...'

By placing your bins near to your food preparation areas this allows you to quickly and easily dispose of any kitchen waste (Don't worry we don't mean you should be designing your kitchen around a bin!) Solutions can be integrated units that make recycling even easier, out of sight, out of mind!

'Light is bright...'

Don't fancy cleaning all day everyday? We don't blame you! The lighter your worktops and tiles the more likely crumbs and spillages will show up! (Especially white worktops!). opt for darker worktops for more practicality and special hidden powers!

'Practical Paint...'

Accidents happen we know! How did that pasta end up on the wall or the smoothie that decided to spray everywhere!

When it comes to selecting paint its important to pick paints that are water based washable emulsions. These are designed to withstand, stains and grease from everyday cooking!

When dry these are easier to scrub and remove without removing the paint or having to redecorate!

'Dust-busting Cupboards...'

When it comes to cupboards their are many options to consider. Some of our clients don't like on the wall cupboards, however to reduce the number of wall cupboards you naturally have to increase the range of counter cupboards.

Intricately carved cupboard doors and cabinets look great but are more difficult to keep dust and grease free! Displays of saucepans and pots will naturally gather dust and grime especially in high humidity zones above a hob for instance.

Tip 04 - The benefits of open plan for both private and rental properties.

Open plan living is here to stay and its easy to see why!

This simple solutions brings families closer together and rather than having one member cooking away in the kitchen it improves wellbeing and interactivity.

Now families can juggle childcare, watch a movie, entertain and cook in one space!

Got a rental property?

ICI Architecture Studio works with a number of developers and estate agents across the UK and more and more families within the Rental markets are on the look out for open plan family living arrangements in particular practical storage solutions!

This brings potentially increases in revenues for property owners, increase in client satisfaction and longer tenancy agreements!

Tip 05- Storage solutions that make the use out of every nook and cranny.

We recognise that storage is essential for any project and the more practical and creative the better!

When it comes to kitchen storage its important to consider both areas that only you can access and areas that your kids can enjoy safely.

Use hard to reach areas for dangerous cleaning products or other items you don't want little fingers or pets to help themselves too!

Under cupboard plinths makes ideal space for additional drawers, steps or under the counter vacuum cleaning.

Bonus Tip- Facelift your fridge

Is your child the next Picasso? or has a creative streak!

Chances are the fridge might be struggling for space!

Why not consider a small section of wall dedicated to their creativity (Wipeable of course and reducing the risk of the rest of your home being treated with the same creative flair!)

There are many options available including magnetic paints so you can 'hang' the artwork up. Chalkboards and scribble walls to allow your creativity to come to life!

How can we help?

ICI Architecture Studio is an Award Winning Architectural Service provider and our assistance and expertise can help you to achieve your ultimate project goals!

Whether you are looking at transforming your existing home or a build a new one we are here to help!

We have access to a range of specialist kitchen providers who offer unique guarantees especially for our clients together with guarantees for life!*

We offer a free initial consultation with no obligation as standard.

To book a free consultation with us please email or call 01260 602 005.


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